Assistant General Manager

Basic Purpose and Objective of the Position

The Assistant Manager serves as assistant to the Restaurant General Manager and provides additional management coverage of operating hours and direct supervision of operations in an individual Taco Bell unit. Like the Restaurant General Manager, focal points include: driving excellence in customer service, maintaining company standards in product and facility specifications, supervising food handling procedures and operational processes, and exercising basic shift-to-shift financial control to meet unit profit margin targets. In addition, the Assistant Manager assumes responsibility for facilities and equipment maintenance, adherence to detail cleaning tacks, and specific routine financial controls. Human resources responsibilities of an Assistant Manager are limited to crew training, ongoing coaching, and feedback for hourly employees, and health and safety audits. The Assistant Manager directly performs hands-on operational work on an ongoing basis to train employees, respond to customer service needs, or otherwise role model appropriate skills and behaviors in the restaurant.

Principle Accountabilities

Customer Satisfaction/Product Quality

  • Maintains fast, accurate service, positive guest relations and ensures consistent product quality.
  • Resolves majority of on-site customer complaints.
  • Conducts shift-to-shift food safety audits.
  • Provides ongoing coaching and feedback to crew on customer service, product quality, and speed of service.


  • Analyzes sales, labor, inventory, and controllables and takes corrective action to meet or achieve daily or weekly margin and sales growth targets.
  • Shares with Restaurant General Manager day-to-day responsibility for cash procedures such as bank deposits, making change, opening/closing safe and audits of the daily paperwork.
  • Shares accountability for ordering crew uniforms, voucher disbursement and audits, and monitoring utilization of utilities and cleaning.


  • Focuses majority of attention on performance of evening and night shifts.
  • Conducts periodic health, safety and security audits and initiates corrective action as necessary under the guidance of the Restaurant General Manager.
  • Organizes store cleaning schedule and monitors ongoing and detailed cleaning standards.
  • Reviews facility and equipment readiness and performs minor preventative maintenance.
  • Monitors inventory, food preparation, and order fulfillment on a daily basis to ensure adherence to company standards.
  • Monitors speed-of-service performance and resolves bottlenecks to achieve speed-of-service goals.
  • When sole manager in charge, responsible for daily inventory, restaurant opening and closing, and daily adjustments in shift staffing and crew deployment.

Human Resources

  • Screens prospective crewmembers through utilizing screening systems and first-level interviews.
  • Provides training and certification for crew in selected training modules.
  • Manages each shift to ensure fair and equitable employee treatment, as well as adherence to all company, state, and federal workplace regulations.

Success Measures

  • Shift/Weekly restaurant performance in sales, labor, food cost and controllables.
  • Customer feedback results and mystery shop scores with an emphasis on evening/late night shifts.
  • Training certification levels and crew turnover.
  • Operations/facility inspection scores.

Knowledge/Skill Requirements

Delivers Excellence in Customer Service

Is fully aware of customer needs and ensures that they receive quality products and service. Ensures work is to the correct standard. Possesses extremely high standards of product quality and speed of service and constantly monitors performance against those standards. Possesses a strong eye for detail and cleanliness. Presents a positive image through a professional appearance of self and other employees. Interacts with customers in a highly effective and proactive manner. Consistently seeks to improve the customer experience. Demonstrates and emphasizes to others the importance of a winning customer experience. Uses customer feedback tools and techniques in making decisions and improving restaurant performance.

Restaurant Operations

Technically proficient in all aspects of food preparation, production, and delivery. Displays detailed knowledge of all key food handling/food safety procedures. Familiar with basic restaurant equipment troubleshooting. Displays detailed knowledge of all Taco Bell product standards.

Team Motivation

Creates a good team spirit. Rewards good performance by providing positive feedback. Gets staff involved and pulling in the same direction. Encourages individuals to meet high standards and maintains dignity, respect, and morale of individual employees. Delegates a mix of good and not so good tasks. Is enthusiastic and energetic.

Educational Attainment/Experience Requirements

  • Strong preference for internal promote from Shift Manager position; internal promotes must be fully certified prior to promotion date.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain day-to-day financial controls and to coach and train hourly employees.
  • Proven ability to drive customer satisfaction, financial performance, and employee satisfaction.
  • 1-2 years supervisory experience in either a food service or retail environment.
  • High school diploma or GED preferred.